World auto market could grow by 5-10% this year, benefiting from global economic recovery

Car sales could decrease in 2010 for the second consecutive year vahicule 40 million, down 17% from the peak reached before the crisis and the return is not guaranteed in 2011. Year 2011 will be a very difficult year. There are signs of growing stronger as the worst period of economic crisis is over, but will take time for the market to recover. Long-term industry prospects indicate an increase in sales to a total of 70 million vehicles to Germany will stabilize at about 3.3 million cars.

General Motors and Volkswagen auto groups are best positioned in the emerging

For the year just ended, the estimates show cumulative sales of 19 million cars in China, Brazil, India and Russia, representing about 30% of auto sales worldwide last year (estimated at 69 million units deliveries). Experts believe that the two groups cited are best positioned because of the time and have developed businesses in these countries by building factories and developing auto sales and service networks. Car sales in these emerging countries will rise above four to eight million cars in next five years, reaching 27 million units in 2014. That same year, the world's auto sales will be between 78 and 87 million cars is clear from the study, says Automotive News Europe (ANE). A direct consequence of increasing demand from the four countries is that automakers will have to adopt global technical platform that would allow cost savings and customization of cars depending on the requirements of certain markets, according to the study. China will be the largest market, accumulating about 60% of sales estimated for the four countries.

Global auto market may face a collapse in 2011 amid the credit crunch and poor economic situation

Global auto market may face a total collapse in 2011 amid the credit crunch and poor economic situation Americans change their cars less often, tempers its growth China and India and European market falls. No we are not immune, the Romanian market is about to fall after seven years of growth. Organization estimates that U.S. car sales will drop 15% this year, up from 13.2 million units, and consumers keep an average car four months longer in 2010. Individual consumers delay buying new vehicles, but no companies are not doing too well in the U.S. fleet sales are expected to be 3 million vehicles this year, below the 3.3 million sold last year. Europe will also be a minus, is expected vehicle sales to fall by 3% to 21 million units this year. In Western Europe sales will fall by 7% to 15 million units, while in Eastern Europe, sales are expected to climb 10% to 5.6 million units, but growth is more temperate than last year.